Universal Mount Mill & Grinder Guard

Heavy Duty Steel Frame with LEXAN® Guards
For Milling Machines and Unguarded Machines Including C.N.C.'s, Multi-spindles, and Grinders

Universal Mount Mill & Grinder Guard: In Use

In use: Guard down

Universal Mount Mill & Grinder Guard Flip

Flip up to change workpiece or tool... no loss in productivity!

Unique universal positioning design is fully adjustable. Frame/shield is mounted and supported by a heavy duty arm and swivel clamp thus allowing the operator to "custom fit" each guard as to overall length, angle, and position of shield. Wing-shaped frame/shield protects workers at adjacent machines. Long Reach Extension Kit Model No. 13262 permits positioning of guard up to 40" from mounting point.

  • Easy to mount (brackets supplied for most mountings).
  • Frame is heavy steel construction with thick LEXAN® windows.
  • High quality painted finish - bright OSHA ORANGE.
Two Sizes Available:
  • Model No. 13258, 19" W x 16" H
  • Model No. 13260, 26 1/2" W x 16" H


Model No. 13258

Universal Mount Mill/Grinder Guard with 19" W x 16" H heavy duty shield

Model No. 13262

Long Reach Extension Kit for Model Nos. 13258 and 13260

Model No.13260

Universal Mount/Mill Grinder Guard with 26 1/2" W x 16" H heavy duty shield

Model No. 13259

Replacement LEXAN® window for 13258

Includes adjustable extension arm and all connection and mounting hardware.

Model No. 13261

Replacement LEXAN® window for 13260