Below are instructions for safety products on our website. The attachments are PDFs and can be downloaded by clicking the orange "Instructions".

3-Axis Universal Mount Interlocked Guards
Extra Wide, Standard, Tall Shield - Instructions
w/ Wrap-Around Style Shield - Instructions

Motor Control
120 Volt - Instructions
High Voltage - Instructions

Band Saw Visorguard Kit - Instructions
Base Mount Spindle Sander Guard - Instructions
Disc Sander Guard - Instructions
Drillguard - Instructions
Drillguard XL - Instructions
Drill Press Visorguard Kit - Instructions
Flexbar Chuckguard Installation - Instructions
Flexbar Motor Control - Instructions
Latheguard - Warning
Milling Machine Visorguard Kit - Instructions
Panelguard - Instructions
Slide-Track Latheguard - Instructions
Totalguard - Instructions
Universal Visorguard - Instructions
Upper Belt Sander Guard - Instructions
Upper Disc Sander Guard (12")- Instructions
Visorguard (All Models) - Instructions