Flexbar Panelguard

Flexible Modular Machine Guarding System

The Flexbar Panelguard Moveable Multiple Function Machine Guard's 4 panel system provides complete flexibility and can be used for a variety of applications, which include:

  • Creating machine safety areas.
  • Perimeter guarding.
  • Temporary guarding.
  • Machines having large parts or cutting tools.
  • Reducing machine noise.
  • Blocking off out of service machines or areas undergoing maintenance.

MODEL NO. 13035 Model No. 13035
Basic 4-Panel System
PANELGUARD Shown above: Panelguards used to separate in-line machines.
Protects operators from chips and noise from neighboring machines.

The Flexbar Panelguard system has four modular panels 16"W x 71"H and opens 66" across. Its simple construction conforms to fit different configurations. The upper half of each panel has crystal clear high impact resistant LEXAN®, which gives operator protection and a full view of guarded machines or areas.

The Flexbar Panelguard may be used free-standing or can be more permanently affixed to the shop floor.

Create a Custom Machine Guarding System or Safety Area by adding Modular Expansion Panels.

Sliding together optional panels and accessories creates a complete machine enclosure with access doors and interlocks. Easy to handle, the Flexbar Panelguard folds to 18"W x 71"L x 4"H and weighs under 50 lbs.


Model No.
13035 Flexbar Panelguard Basic 4-Panel Set Complete
13036 Flexbar Panelguard 2-Panel Expansion Set. Complete with extra slide-in flexible hinge.
13035-L Basic 4-Panel Set with All Lexan® Panels
13036-L 2-Panel Expansion Set with all Lexan® Panels
13037 Extra slide-in flexible hinge (1 each). Used to connect two or more PanelGuard sets together.
13038 Top Cap (1 each per panel)