The Flexbar Viseguard

Quick and easy vise mount Lexan® shield helps to protect machine operators from hot chips and coolant spray at the spindle of your machine.


  • Easy to use - the Viseguard fits over the end of most standard vises. Clamps on in seconds.
  • Flexible - when access to the workpiece is needed, the shield flips down easily (using heavy-duty hinge)
  • Shatter resistant - chips are deflected down and away from the machine operator. Made of high strength polycarbonate.
  • See-through - allows the operator to view the work piece while the machining is being performed.
  • Easy mounting - clamps in place with the twist of a knob.


Model No.
13147 for use on standard 6" vise systems
13148 for use on standard 8" vise systems