Flexbar 3-Axis Universal Mount Interlocked Guards

Featuring a newly designed universal positioning system incorporating a range of Electrical Interlocked Shields for a wide variety of machine guarding applications including, mills, drill presses, and band saws.

Common Features For All Systems:

  • 3-Axis universal positioning system allows all shields to be optimally employed in the hazardous machining area. The shield can be positioned vertically, horizontally and "in and out" as follows:
    A - Vertical: 12" B - Horizontal: 9" C - In & Out: 9"
    (Optional 30" Extension Tube No. 13264 available. Order information below.)
  • Horizontal post has a mounting bracket allowing attachment to the machine headstock.
  • All shields are permanently attached to the adjustable vertical post which is mounted through a Flexbar Electrical Interlocking Device.
  • When the shield is swung out of position, the cam-operated limit switch opens the contacts and stops the machine.
  • Includes attached electrical wiring with flexible conduit to allow connection to the safety circuit of the machine that switches off the control to the movement of the spindle.
  • Unit is protected beyond IPG rating.

Mounting Bracket
Model No. 13570 Model No. 13570 shown right with Drill/Chuck Visorguard Shield

I. Flexbar Visorguard Style Systems

(Uses LEXAN® Shields)
3-Axis Universal Mount Interlocked Guards Complete Systems Available as follows:
Model No.
Visorguard Shield Size
13490 With Extra-Wide Visorguard Shield 24" W x 8" H
13491 With Standard Size Visorguard Shield 16" W x 8" H
13492 With Tall Visorguard Shield 14" W x 12" H
13570 With Drill/Chuck Visorguard Shield 6" W x 6" H x 4" D
13264 Optional 30" Horizontal Extension Tube - can be cut to desired length.
Model Nos. 13490 - 13492 have wing-shaped shields.
Model Nos. 13570 has box shaped (90° angle) shield with 4" deep side wings.

II. Flexbar Semi-Circular Wrap-Around Style Systems:

Incorporating the same heavy-duty LEXAN® shields used on Flexbar Latheguards. Permanently mounted laterally on the 3-Axis Universal Mount Interlocked System, these guards provide optimal protection on many types of milling machines & drill presses.

Model No. 13591 3-Axis Universal Mount Interlocked Guards-Complete Systems available as follows:
hown above mounted on Bridgeport Milling Machine Model No. 13591 shown above mounted on Bridgeport Milling Machine
3-Axis Universal Mount Interlocked Guards-
Complete Systems available as follow:
Model No.
13590 With Wrap-Around style shield, 4" radius x 6 1/4" height*
13591 With Wrap-Around style shield, 6" radius x 6 1/4" height*
13264 Optional 30" Horizontal Extension Tube-can be cut to desired length
Replacement LEXAN® Shields*
Model No.
13072 8" x 6 1/4" Shield for 13590
13065 12" x 6 1/4" Shield for 13591
*Same shield used on Flexbar Latheguards
Model No. 13590 shown on drill press Model No. 13590 shown on drill press