Flexbar Drillguard-XL

3-Tier Telescopic Protection

Our new Drillguard-XL offers 3-tier telescopic operator protection.

Interchangeable bushings available to accommodate drill press quill sizes down to 2".


  • Complete operator vision and protection assured.
  • Smooth, 3-tier telescopic action via spiral guide grooves-window caged housing moves up while drill comes down; hence cutting tool is totally guarded.
  • For drill changes - simply pull down on housing. Three spring loaded ball plungers disengage and the housing drops out. Conversely, it quickly snaps back in place.
  • Inner cage moving down protects the operator, as well as the window, from metal slivers.
  • Mounting collar is made from aircraft grade aluminum and can be bored out to approximately 3”.
  • Guards can be set at 3 positions: 7.5", 9.0" and 10.5"
  • Maximum drill chuck size is 2.5".

Model No.
13335 Drillguard-XL. Fits Quill Diameter from 2.70" up to 2.75"