Flexbar Grinder Guard Deluxe

Heavy-Duty LEXAN® Shield (3/16" thick) Guards Against Wheel Explosions!

Designed to fit virtually all pedestal and bench grinders, as well as, buffers and speed lathes.
Fits Grinder/Buffer wheel diameter from 6" to 14"

Flexbar Grinder Guard Deluxe

All Double Shield Models Include:

  1. 2 curved shield assemblies.
  2. Vertical post assembled with 2 mounting brackets.
  3. 2 each, 1 inch wide standoffs with hex head bolts and washers.
  4. 1 vertical mounting bracket.

All Single Shield Models Include*:

  1. 1 each curved shield.
  2. Vertical post has one mounting bracket.
  3. Same as above.
  4. Same as above.

Grinder/Buffer Wheel Diameter
With Single Shield
Model No.
With Double Shields
Model No.
6" or 7" 13390-S 13390-D
8" 13391-S 13391-D
10" & 12" 13392-S 13392-D
14" 13393-S 13393-D
* Please specify "Left Mount" or "Right Mount" on Single-Shield Models.
Single Shield Models are listed for Single-Wheel Buffers, etc. which are in existence.
Flexbar Grinder Guard Deluxe